Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, Visits Children's Hospital Colorado

Seacrest Studios at Children's Hospital Colorado was lucky to get a surprise holiday visit from former first lady, Michelle Obama! She first stopped by the hospital's studio for an interview with none other than Ryan Seacrest himself. They discussed her new book Becoming, her childhood, meeting Barack Obama, and what it's like getting used to"regular life" after eight years in the White House.

After her time in the Seacrest Studio, Mrs. Obama teamed up with Santa as they made their way to a packed atrium to read The Night Before Christmas to the patients and families.Kids then got the chance to spend more than 35 minutes asking Mrs. Obama questions, which ranged from "How many push ups can you do?" to"If you had one wish for the world, what would it be?" Throughout the Q&A time, Mrs. Obama emphasized her love for kids all over the world and her answers radiated with wisdom, sincerity, and wit. In responding to the"wish" question, Mrs. Obama stressed the need for empathy:

"If I can try to understand someone, maybe I can help get them to a better place. I think if everyone practiced empathy...not just thinking about how they feel, but how the other person feels...that will help us as a country be nicer to each other." 

Michelle Obama

The highlight of the Q&A session sprung out of the question "What's your favorite dance move?" To which Mrs. Obama turned the question around to the patients, leading to an "Orange Justice" dance lesson! We're grateful we got the very special opportunity spend so much time with the former first lady, Michelle Obama!