Frankie Ballard Talks About Seacrest Studios During Concert!

Country singer, Frankie Ballard, made a special stop at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte, NC during his “Light ‘Em Up” tour to bring encouraging words to patients who had gathered to meet him. Outfitted in a jacket that was a handmade gift from the country duo, Big and Rich, Frankie looked every bit the part of a country superstar.  He gave patients fantastic advice about learning to play the guitar.  He told them that their fingers would hurt when they first started learning to play, but to just keep practicing. 

Before every show, Frankie told patients that he has to brush his teeth! “Getting on the stage nice, and fresh, makes me feel good!” One patient asked if Frankie knew Jason Aldean.  Frankie said he does indeed know Jason Aldean, and that he has a lot of good friends in country music, including Jake Owen and the guys from Florida Georgia Line. Out of all the performances he has ever been a part of, Frankie was most nervous for his first engagement at the Grand Ole Opry.  “It was a big moment for me because it is such a legendary country music place.  Backstage, I was looking at pictures on the wall of Elvis, Johnny Cash, and all these great people who played the Opry - standing where I was standing.  When I got out on stage, the crowd was very warm and welcoming.” The “Sunshine and Whiskey” singer played a round of “Quick Draw” while in Seacrest Studios, and we discovered that he is excellent at drawing flowers, bowties, and…guitars! Frankie spoke openly about a lyric in one of his songs that says, “The bad times make the good times better.”  He encouraged patients at Levine Children’s Hospital to focus on positive moments, and the good times. Later, during his evening concert, Ballard spoke to his audience about visiting Seacrest Studios and encouraged those in attendance to support the children who are patients at Levine Children’s Hospital! We certainly had a good time getting to know Frankie Ballard and hope to have him come back to Seacrest Studios very soon!