G. Hannelius and Regan Burns from A Dog With a Blog Hang Out At Seacrest Studios!

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern Vivian Vu

G. Hannelius and Regan Burns from Disney Channel’s hit TV sitcom Dog With a Blog stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County to pay a special visit to our patients and families. Excited and eager patients and their families came into the studio to await their arrival, and when they arrived, their humorous personalities shined immediately.

On Dog With a Blog, G. Hannelius plays the role of Avery Jennings, the highly intelligent and hard-working step-sister of Tyler and Chloe (played by Blake Michael an Fracesca Capaldi), whose life goal is to become President of the United States. Regan Burns plays Bennett James, Avery’s stepfather and is the one who introduces Stan, the talking dog, into the blended family. In the studio they spoke about their experience working on set and shared some of their favorite moments behind the scenes. This included many scenes from the Halloween episode and the pilot episode where Avery steals a pig! Aside from the show, G. talked about when she started singing and even demonstrated her voice-over skills as Rosebud in the Air Buddies movies. Regan on the other hand explained the importance of the show while making everyone laugh with plenty of jokes throughout the interview. They continued to answer patients’ questions about anything and everything.

After the interview, G. and Regan took the time to sign autographs, pose for pictures, and talk to patients and their families. One patient had come thirty minutes early to make sure that she would meet our special guests, and she was so nervous and excited that she was literally speechless but smiling the entire time. Both G. and Regan were so happy that a simple visit to the studio could make such a difference in someone’s life and were definitely glad to be there.

Thank you to G. and Regan for joining us in the studio and being such awesome guests! We had a terrific time with all of the laughs!