Gavin Casalegno Joins Dallas Patients for Bingo

Gavin Casalegno joined patients in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Health on Thursday, November 16th for a fun-filled afternoon of laughs, Bingo winners and sharing special secret talents. 

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From the moment Gavin entered the studio, he became fast friends with every child he met. Gavin proudly sported the homemade Post-It note name tag created by Juliette (patient with short hair sitting next to him) and showed off his athletic skills by tossing Bingo cards in the air alongside a big fan, Olive. 

Gavin graciously took selfies, signed autographs, picked up a FaceTime from family and friends and shared a really special encouraging message with us all. 

Thank you, Gavin, for taking the time to visit with us and meet some of your biggest fans! We will always be #TeamJeremiah.