Gavin DeGraw Creates Many Memorable Moments At CHOA!

Recap by Mamie Shepherd

Things got a little bit “Sweeter” when singer Gavin DeGraw came to The Voice at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta while on tour with Colbie Caillat and Andy Grammer! Gavin delighted patients and fans when he appeared wearing one of his signature hats! When asked about his topper collection, Gavin said that he, “Brings a handful of hats on tour.” This popular recording powerhouse, and recent Dancing With The Stars contestant, told us, “The hat is a very personal thing – it has to fit you a certain way. It has to be the right amount of brim for the right amount of head.” With a vast collection of hats, Gavin told the patients that he has been collecting for a while!

“It started when I came out of the womb, when I had a cold head!” Patients were overjoyed when Gavin sang the title track from his album “Chariot.” He also sang his hit song “Not Over You” off of his most current album, “Sweeter” (see video below).

“For me, it’s my passion – playing music. I still view this as a dream job. I got really lucky.” - Gavin DeGraw

One of the most touching moments was when Gavin passed out a musical note bead he brought for patients who are a part of the Beads of Courage program.Beads of Courage offers “supportive care” for very sick patients and Gavin supports its cause – he even carried beads with him on Dancing With The Stars! This program “provides arts-in-medicine for children with serious illness.”

For sure, The Voice at Children’s has one message for Gavin DeGraw…Come back! We’re “Not Over You!”