Gibson Gives: Inspiring Patients One Guitar At A Time

Seacrest Studios started Spring on a high note – with guitar donations from Gibson Gives! Guitars, which will be donated to Seacrest Studios throughout the year, have already landed in the following studio locations: Orlando, Atlanta, D.C. and Dallas.

Music has undeniable power in the healing journey of our patients. The gift of having our very own studio guitar is elevating that power to a whole new level, now giving our studio team the opportunity to play music and bring joy to our patients through song at any moment. 
–Abbie Maynard, Seacrest Studios Dallas

Upon receiving their guitar, Seacrest Studios at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. implemented new programming for patients. On a month-to-month basis, the studio hosts virtual music-based learning programs including guitar classes, ukulele classes and songwriting sessions. The program, which has been particularly groundbreaking for their teen population, benefitted greatly from Gibson Gives and their donation. The classes have provided patients with a sense of control over how they spend their hospitalization. While learning an instrument assists with cognitive, physical and emotional well-being, the studio provides the choice and the chance to do so.

In addition to guitar donations, Gibson Gives has also provided Seacrest Studios with new KRK headphones. The gift of headphones to our locations enhances studio programming and directly benefits all patients involved on air. 

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation brings healing through music with their in-hospital studio locations. We believe this to be a crucial part of the healing process as well as a comfort distraction from the realities of whatever a patient is facing. Hospitals can sometimes inadvertently bring stress to patients and music can provide an escape. Gibson Gives is proud to be a partner with RSF and to be a part of the healing process they facilitate.
Dendy Jarrett, Executive Director | Gibson Gives

We are grateful to supporters like Gibson Gives, who are committed to introducing, inspiring and amplifying the power of music through guitars across all generations, genres and genders.