'Gifted' star Mckenna Grace brings joy to Seacrest Studios

Photos by: Lori Wilson Recap by Paula Cuadrado 

Mckenna Grace, star of the new movie “Gifted,” stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas for a fun visit! 

Mckenna helped guest host “Good Morning Children’s,” a tv show hosted and broadcast from the Seacrest Studios to all the patient rooms at the hospital’s Dallas and Plano campuses. Six-year-old Kailyn was able to Skype in from her hospital room during the show to ask Mckenna a few questions, like what she likes to eat. 

We talked about Mckenna’s movie “Gifted” and what it’s like being an actor at a young age. Mckenna wore an adorable headband with cat ears for her visit, so the co-hosts of Good Morning Children’s pulled out matching pairs of cat ears, too! 

After the show, Mckenna had fun visiting with Boots the therapy dog and chatting with 13-year-old Loryn who came down from her room to hang out. Mckenna was intrigued by the studio’s prop collection and challenged studio staffer Paula to see how many hats they could each wear at one time! Mckenna brought special handmade bracelets with thoughtful messages to give out to her new friends, as well as posters from her movie to help the kids decorate their hospital rooms. 

Thank you Mckenna for visiting Seacrest Studios! We had so much fun being silly and hanging out with you!