Grace VanderWaal Talks AGT with Children's Hospital Colorado!

Written Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Ashley Capoot

Seacrest Studios at Children's Colorado was lucky enough to welcome the talented singer Grace Vanderwaal in February, where she was greeted by an energetic audience packed full of excited patients and families.

Grace performed her hit song, “I Don’t Know My Name,” and spent lots of time chatting with her fans. The kids were anxious to hear about Grace’s experience on the TV show “America’s Got Talent.” She explained that when her mom signed her up for the show’s open calls, they “thought it would be fun, but we didn’t think I would actually make it on the show!” 

She also shared some of her funniest memories from her time on the show: “We signed up to be in this really long line like you see on TV, and we had a big suitcase with, like, sleeping bags and subway sandwiches. And when we got there, it was like a fifteen-minute line!” 

Grace shared the inside scoop about her experience on the show “Treehouse Masters” as well. She said that watching the progress from day to day was really exciting, and that she was very happy with how her treehouse turned out. When asked what her favorite part of the building process was, Grace said that she “got to walk across the bridge before the ropes were on it, which was really scary but really cool!”

Many kids were also curious about when Grace began writing and performing her music. She told the studio that she began performing when she was ten, but that she wrote her first song when she was eleven. She said the writing process for her first song was “frustrating, but fun of course!” 

The studio audience got inventive with their questions as well, and they picked Grace’s brain about all sorts of topics. Grace revealed that she loves to play basketball, she would win a sushi food eating contest, she was working on a science project about baking powder in cookies, and that she wishes she could be trapped in the TV show “Bob’s Burgers.”

To keep with tradition at BBOY45, Grace closed out her interview with a game of “Backwards Forwards.” As she attempted to say her name backwards, Grace couldn’t help but remark “that is so scary!” She kept the kids laughing, and she seemed to enjoy herself as well. 

As Grace prepared to take photos with the audience, she encouraged the kids to “be themselves” and thanked them for visiting with her. Grace VanderWaal proved to be a delight to have in the studio, and we are grateful for all the laughs she provided to all of us at Children’s Hospital Colorado!