Gym Class Heroes Hang Out at CHOP!

The Gym Class Heroes recently stopped by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to hang out with the children and talk about their lives before and after they made it big. The children were surprised to find out that even though Matt and Travie met about 14 years ago in gym class they didn’t actually name themselves the Gym Class Heroes because of that. In fact, they didn’t even make the connection until after they created the group’s name!

When asked what they would be doing if they were not part of the band they all had very interesting answers. Disashi told the kids he would most likely be working with computers, while Travie would be involved with the arts (he was an art teacher and a tattoo artist before the Gym Class Heroes). Matt said he would probably still be working at the deli he worked at growing up and Eric explained that he would love to be a professional angler (he would want to canoe down swamp rivers). The band, who has a new album coming out on Nov. 15th, talked about life on the road.

Travie always brings art supplies on tour and his dog, an adorable French bull dog, lives on the bus and acts as the Gym Class Heroes mascot. The kids had a great time getting to know the band and were so happy they were able to stop in.

Thanks to the Gym Class Heroes for a fun day!