Hailee Steinfeld Is Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios Colorado

Written recap by: Miranda McHodgkins, Seacrest Studios Intern Video by: Chris Coleman (additional footage by Kate Nawoyski and Micah Bridges) Photos by: Chris Coleman Additional production by: Cody Hudson and Miranda McHodgkins 

Patients and families at Children’s Hospital Colorado were excited to have a visit from singer/actress/model, Hailee Steinfeld in Seacrest Studios. Stopping in Colorado for her first tour, Hailee was excited to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, but first sat down to talk with the kids and answer their questions. 

Ian started off by asking what Hailee’s next song will be. Hailee recently released a new song called “Starving,” which she says is the big one to be listening to right now but is not sure what song will be next. Kaylee wanted to know whether Hailee liked singing or acting better. Hailee said she loved both so much because they are different ways to express herself, but ultimately decided on music because it allows her to tell her own story. This made Alexa curious about which song is Hailee’s favorite out of all the songs she has done. Hailee picked her song “Love Myself” as her favorite due of its message of showing people the importance of loving themselves. Zoe wondered what it was like being in Pitch Perfect 2. “I remember seeing the first Pitch Perfect and thinking if there is ever another movie like this, I’ve got to be a part of it,” said Hailee. When she found out about the second movie years later, she auditioned and landed the part! 

Genesis asked, “If you were only allowed to eat one food for the rest of the month what would it be?” Hailee quickly replied with cheese or peperoni pizza as her answer. Maria wanted to know what Hailee would be doing if she wasn’t singing, acting or modeling. Hailee said she’d love to do something involving hair, makeup and clothes. Alecia was curious if Hailee had a hidden secret talent. Hailee thought about it, jokingly asked her own mom for input, then excitedly exclaimed that she makes some awesome chocolate chip cookies. Then she answered the question of the day: what’s the grossest thing you could put in a milkshake? She replied with “avocado” because even though she likes them she wouldn’t want it in a milkshake. She also thought cheese wouldn’t be very good in a shake. Hailee also fielded a question about superhero powers, noting that she would like to “fly, be invisible, and read people’s minds!” 

No visit to Seacrest Studios Colorado is complete without playing the game Backwards Forwards. Hailee attempted to say her first and last name backwards. She did a great job and was shocked as the result sounded almost exact and got a round of applause from everyone. Before signing autographs and taking selfies, Hailee wanted to give the kids some advice that has helped her. “Number one is to not take things too seriously and have fun, be kind to people, work hard and if you’re passionate about something then you can make anything happen for yourself.” Hailey finished up her visit by meeting patients in the studio while signing autographs…even signing a pretty pink cast! 

A huge Thank You to Hailee Steinfeld for visiting us at Children's Hospital Colorado!