Halsey Inspires Fans at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital!

Photographer Credit:  https://www.instagram.com/donslens/ 

Without a doubt Halsey is incredible with people. She takes their dreams, wishes, trials and tribulations and bears them as her own; and we witnessed this firsthand when she visited patients and families in Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Prior to her evening show at Ascend Amphitheater, Halsey stopped by Seacrest Studios. She was greeted with a warm welcome from a studio full of excited fans. 

Upstairs, eyes glued to the TV, sat Olivia: a big Halsey fan unable to leave her room for the visit. Anxiously waiting for the on-air segment to begin, Olivia called down from her room with a thought-provoking question for Halsey: “What’s your most embarrassing moment ever?” 

Following a slight giggle through the phone we received an answer from Halsey that changed the course of the entire visit. A few years back Halsey was performing live when her wig fell off. This moment caused a ripple effect in the artists’ life, changing her perspective on appearances. Following that show, she shaved all her hair off. For a year and a half the musician went without hair, noting how cool and proud of herself she felt for embracing her true self with her beautiful bald head forefront. Upstairs, an instantly inspired little girl - with a once bald head as well - felt at peace.

Curious fans then asked Halsey about her show prep for her upcoming downtown concert. She explained the preparation changes per city, but she always allots time to sit back and think “What do I want to get out of today? What do I want to walk off stage and feel? Do I want to feel proud of myself today? Do I want to feel like I’ve learned something new today, or feel like I made someone else happy today?” 

Halsey, you made an entire hospital full of people happy, and your pre-show thoughts offer the perfect advice to patients who may be going through a tough time.The chart dominating artist may sing about being Bad at Love, but we beg to differ! 

Halsey, you have brought so much love to countless fans at children’s hospitals, and we could not be more grateful for you! Thank you for making Seacrest Studios in Nashville a stop on your world tour. We cannot wait to see you again soon!