High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Star, Joshua Bassett, Calls Seacrest Studios

Written by Seacrest Studios Media Specialist, Whitney Osborne 

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star Joshua Bassett virtually joined Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to talk about music, movies and an unfortunate day at Legoland! 

Our friends from Boston Children's Hospital and Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt also joined in on the fun, one patient asking how he started his music career and any advice for future musicians. Joshua went on to tell us he had a revelation about being a songwriter after he asked a girl to a dance! The girl had turned down three other people before he had worked up the courage to write a song on the ukulele to ask her himself. Guess what? It worked! On the way home he realized he wrote the song easily and wanted to see what would happen when he really applied himself to songwriting! 

As for advice for future musicians, ”Fake it ‘til you make it” and write about what you know or are going through!  While playing Name That Tune Joshua revealed when he worked at the Legoland hotel he had a very unfortunate and embarrassing incident during a Lego Building Competition where he knocked over a contestant’s tower! He felt incredibly awful for the accident but did his best to make it up to the contestant.

Joshua expressed a piece of advice that the writer of High School Musical gave him that has stuck with him through everything he does, which was “how you do one thing is how you do everything.” Thank you, Joshua, for joining us at Cincinnati Children’s, sharing some amazing advice and lots of fun anecdotes about your life!