Hooked on Why Don't We

It is not “Unbelievable,” to share that since last December when boyband, Why Don’t We, visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s National Hospital patients have been “Hooked” on the group. Callers felt “Chills,” when they reconnected with the incredibly kind and talented band virtually, on the 5th birthday of Seacrest Studios at Children’s National Hospital!

DJ Jahzara started off the interview by asking the most important question: “How did you become a group?”

The guys shared their origin story answering, “We all knew each other before the band. We were friends and then Jack put us in a group chat together…We flew out to LA and decided what needed to be done: We formed a band!” It was a joy to hear the origins of such a powerful group.

Soon after, mega WDW fan, DJ Kamaaron, joined the call and showed off her Why Don’t We swag – a t-shirt of the band her grandmother made her! She asked the group hard-hitting questions before sharing it was her 16th birthday. She then received the birthday gift of a lifetime when the band serenaded her for her sweet 16.

Before logging off, DJ J hopped on the call to ask the band about her two favorite things: Christmas and slime. Fans on air quickly learned that all five band members love Christmas and prefer glow in the dark slime to regular slime. Patients and families tuning in had so much fun interviewing Why Don’t We. We just have “8 Letters,” left to say: Thank you!