Hot Chelle Rae Welcomed Back To CHOP!

Hot Chelle Rae stopped by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for their second visit to the studio. Patients welcomed the band back with open arms and were very excited to hear about everything they had been doing since they last visited. The band was thrilled to return for another interview before playing (that evening) at their first ever sold out Philly show. Hot Chelle Rae has had a busy year, having played a show in Australia with Taylor Swift (one of their favorite shows) and winning an American Music Award!

They are so grateful for all of the support they have received. They talked to the patients about their music, letting them know that they are inspired to write songs from many things and that song ideas can come from anywhere. Most of their inspiration comes from touring, traveling and meeting fans. Once they have an idea for a song they all work together to write it.

After the song is complete they listen to their fans and know if the song will be a huge hit depending on how the fans cheer at their concerts. From the interview we also learned that all of the guys’ parents are on Facebook and Twitter (it is how their parents check up on them.) They also shared that when touring, they always ask for peanut butter and jelly and sliced pineapple in the green room.

The bandmates also had some interesting hobbies: Ian juggles and is a photographer, Ryan draws and golfs, Jamie golfs and play baseball and Nash plays a lot of instruments. In fact, they all love instruments so much that they collect guitars when they travel and now have 13 different guitars on the road with them.

The band let everyone at CHOP in on a little secret… they are all obsessed with Katy Perry and would love to work with her one day (as well as with The All-American Rejects, who stopped by CHOP the very same day they did.) A big thank you to Hot Chelle Rae for helping make it such a special day at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia! We hope they return for another visit soon!