Hunter Hayes Is Interviewed At Seacrest Studios!

If there is one thing patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta “Wanted” around the holiday season, it was a visit from singer, Hunter Hayes. CMA’s Best New Artist of 2012 received a rousing welcome from patients, parents, and staff when he stopped by Seacrest Studios while in town with Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away Tour.

An accomplished performer, Hunter has had quite a career already! He started playing the accordion at age 4, and now plays over 20 different instruments.

Hunter had girl patients swooning. The Teen Choice Award “Male Country Artist of the Year” winner had everyone leaning in when asked if he would ever date one of his fans! Listen to his response in the audio clip below!

In terms of being a celebrity, Hunter said, “Wanted has definitely changed everything for me. It was my first number one [song] and it was a multi-week number one. It really impacted my lifestyle. It’s funny to be known as that love song guy.”

Hunter was on quite a career high when he came by our studio. He had just headlined his first arena show with an audience of 5,000. Hunter told patients at CHOA that his big dream had come true, “I’ve been wanting to headline stadiums and arenas my whole life. It was a highlight of the year!”

Nominated for a Grammy, Hunter was debating whether or not it was good luck to pre-write a speech in the event he had to give one at the awards show. If CHOA patients had their say, he would need a speech! There is one thing for sure, speech or not, there will be plenty of patients cheering Hunter Hayes on for many years to come!

Seacrest Studios and RSF thank Hunter for his visit and hope he stops by again soon!