Imagine Dragons Make CHOP A Stop On Their Tour!

On tour across the country, Imagine Dragons made a stop at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to hang out in Seacrest Studios before playing shows in Philly and New York.  Dan, Ben and Daniel (Wayne, the bassist, was not able to make it) sat down for an in studio interview, took pictures and signed autographs for patients.

Formed four years ago, Imagine Dragons was created when the guys met each other at Berkley. They started playing music together and had so much fun they decided to officially start a band. When asked where the name Imagine Dragons came from, the guys explained that Imagine Dragons is actually an anagram for a secret band name only the four of them know.

The group first started their careers together as a band playing cover songs in Las Vegas. They had all grown up playing so many different genres of music (from bluegrass to hip hop) that they had a lot of material to work with. Since they started to create their own original music, it has always been a very collaborative process. If one person has an idea, they will share it and then everyone works on building on to it to make it into something great.

The patients asked the band some really fun questions:

Q: What was your first inspiration?
Ben: Watching my dad strum on the guitar when I was little. Then I started playing with friends.
Daniel: My parents were always supportive and encouraged me with whatever music I was doing at the time.
Dan: I played music my whole life and took piano lessons for 10 years. I also play drums and guitar.

Q: Would you rather have a LEGO head or body?
Dan: Body. Because it’s more than the head.
Ben: Body!
Daniel: Body... because I can use it to make myself taller and beat Dan in basketball.

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island what would you bring?
Dan: A friend.
Ben: A lifetime supply of food and water.
Daniel: A cheese steak (everyone at CHOP loved this answer!)

When asked who they would like to collaborate with, they mentioned Jack White, Arcade Fire and U2. And when the patients asked how they could keep in touch with the band, they told them that Twitter is the best way. They love tweeting!

Many thanks to the band for such a fun afternoon!