Jacob Latimore Hangs Out At CHOP!

Jacob Latimore recently hung out with the patients at The Voice at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia during his stop in Philadelphia for the Scream Tour. Jacob revealed a lot about himself and his musical career while being interviewed in studio.

The patients learned that Jacob currently lives in Atlanta but is originally from Milwaukee, where he started his professional career at 9 years old. His first song, “Best Friend”, was debuted on Radio Disney and his goal is to one day play at Madison Square Garden! The patients were very interested in Jacob’s great dance skills. He let them know that his dance moves are influenced by the Temptations but he tries to take the moves and make them his own. The one tip he wanted to share about dancing was that you always need to “practice, practice, practice!” Jacob is also showing off his acting chops! Not only has he held voice over roles and starred in Nerf commercials, he will soon be starring in a BET sitcom called “Young Man” and will be a guest star on a new Fox show “The Finder.”

Even though he loves all styles of acting, he definitely feels most comfortable in comedic roles. During his interview, Jacob talked a lot about the importance of family. He is very close to his family and his mom and dad travel with him on tour (as well as relocated with him to Atlanta). He loves being around his family, not only because they keep him grounded (and doing his homework!), but because they have a lot of experience in the music industry. His dad and uncles were all part of the group “Latimore Brothers.” When the patients asked him what he would be doing if he wasn’t a performer, he told them he would most likely want to be an engineer or a pharmacist. A big thank you to Jacob for spending time at The Voice, the children had a blast!