James Durbin Helps Make The Holidays Special With A Visit To CHOA!

The patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently welcomed American Idol’s James Durbin and his band members, Jeff Fabb, Blake Bunzel, Tyler Molinero, and Dylan Rosenberg to “The VoiceSM." The band played a few songs for the crowd from James’ debut album, "Memories of a Beautiful Disaster." An inspiring and talented musician, James Durbin has overcome mountains of adversity, which makes him a fantastic role model for the kids at Children’s.

Durbin’s visit would not have been complete without talking about American Idol and the road he took to get there. James shared that he had been laid off from Domino’s Pizza when he auditioned for Idol. He talked about the song writing process (he co-wrote 5 of the songs on his new album) and showed off his goofy side by telling everyone about his victory dance moves and impersonating some of the characters from Lord of the Rings.This talented artist overwhelmed CHOA with his compassion.

Durbin, and his band, hung out after the interview to sign autographs and take pictures with adoring fans. Quietly, the band slipped upstairs to visit some of the more critical patients. It was a very moving scene. James’ perseverance, courage, and love for people make his talent and appeal even more incredible.

After appearing on American Idol, touring with the AI stars this summer, debuting a brand new album in November, and getting married on New Year’s Eve, 2011 will definitely be considered a good year for James Durbin! The patients, and fans, at CHOA cannot wait to see what this humble young singer has planned for 2012!