Jason Derulo Sings At Seacrest Studios!

Written by Erica DePascale

Singer and songwriter Jason Derulo stopped by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Saturday, July 6th to hang out with patients and guests inside Seacrest Studios. Jason answered fun questions about being a musician and musical writer while giving everyone a chance to snap a picture and snag a cool autograph from him too!

Jason, who was headed to Six Flags Great Adventure to perform a concert, explained that traveling the world to perform music is the best part of his career. “My favorite place is Australia. It’s kind of like America, but the beaches are way better!” Jason said.

Jason, who started writing his own songs when he was eight years old, has been a big fan of dancing and music his whole life. His idol, Michael Jackson, inspired him to study all types of dance including classical, jazz and ballet. “Hip-Hop is my favorite style, but tap dancing is a close second,” Jason confessed.

This past June, he was a judge on the popular hit dance show So You Think You Can Dance, where he put his choreography experience into action. Jason even got out of his seat at Seacrest Studios to do his signature ‘Derulo Shuffle’ which is a dance full of fancy footwork. Guests inside the studio also asked Jason about his most embarrassing moment, when his leather jacket was stuck onto him at a hot, humid outside concert. They also had a chance to question him on his celebrity crush. “There’s this girl named Jordin Sparks. She’s been my crush for a couple of years now,” Jason smiled, noting his longtime girlfriend and American Idol winner. He explained that writing about Jordin and other life experiences always make for more personal and realistic songs.

So, what career would Jason choose if he wasn’t a performer? “I think I would be a doctor,” Jason said explaining that his name means ‘healer’ and that he has had a long-time fascination for helping others and spending time with families (especially his own!) Jason finished up his awesome visit with a song, singing his top hit ‘Whatcha Say’ with our very own patient host, DJ Fresh, together live in the studio. Many thanks to Jason Derulo for a fun and awesome visit! We can’t wait to hear your new album this upcoming September!