Jay Sean Gets 'Down' With Kids at CHOP!

British superstar Jay Sean got ‘Down’ with the kids at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) when he popped in for an interview at The Voice studio last week. Jay revealed some surprising information about his life "pre-fame."

Apparently, the singer had attended two years of medical school when he decided that music was his real calling and a dream he simply couldn't ignore. We bet he’s pretty satisfied with his decision to ditch the scrubs and opt for the microphone instead! But this musician still believes strongly in the power of medicine... especially laughter! He believes that everyone needs a good, hearty laugh everyday. We agree!

Jay Sean also talked about his love of Indian food (he highly recommends it!) as well as his family and upcoming tour. He told us that while he is the only musical one in his family, his photographer brother can take some pretty artistic shots.

One of the patients at the hospital is from Jay's hometown of London, and the two bonded while talking about their love of the city. Before he left, Jay Sean and all the kids there sang his hit tune, ‘Down.’ It was so amazing to hear everyone join in on his fun dance beat. He also stopped by the adolescent unit of the hospital and went room-to-room to greet the teens there. They were so excited to see the musical guru in their doorway!

Jay Sean’s visit to The Voice was exceptionally fun for the patients there. Before leaving, he signed autographs and posed for tons of pictures. The kids were sad to see this charismatic artist go, but chatted for hours after about their intimate experience with Jay and the excitement of the day's events.