Jelly of the Month Club Performs At Seacrest Studios!

The Jelly of the Month Club stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County to perform a few songs to cheer up patients and families.  Their upbeat and fun music made it truly a memorable visit.

Consisting of members of Sublime, The Ziggens, Zen Robbi and Mr. Crumb, the Jelly of the Month Club band is full of guys with a goal to introduce families to an eclectic mix of rich musical genres with exuberant humor, strong values and educational content.

Jelly played a few of their favorite songs off of their new album including, Brand New Friend, Cucina, Tell Someone and Gone Squatchin’.  When asked about why the band was formed, the guys all said the same thing, to make music that is fun and memorable for kids (including their own!) Check out the music video for a Brand New Friend below:

Watch Video

Thank you to Bud Gaugh, Dr. Capt. Todd Forman, Bert Susanka, Mic Dangerously and Mr. Crumb for making it a special day full of fun music at Seacrest Studios!