Jenna Raine Makes Holiday Slime with Seacrest Studios

Jenna Raine stopped by Seacrest Studios at CHOC to officially kick off the holiday season. She spread holiday cheer throughout the hospital playing some of her latest hit songs and cover holiday classics. During her visit with Seacrest Studios, she took time to answer patient questions and weigh in on some holiday related do's and don't's. 

When asked about the appropriate time to start decorating for the holidays, Jenna didn’t hesitate to say, “Before Thanksgiving.” When asked about her favorite holiday song, Jenna was quick to answer ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham with several patients and parents in the audience nodding their heads in agreement.

Jenna closed out her set with an energetic rendition of her song “It is what it is,” which she admitted is one of her favorite songs she has ever written. Admitting her biased opinion, she noted the hit song has helped her in navigating the ups and downs of life.

With spirits lifted and smiles all around, Jenna continued to share her bright energy by making slime with the patients in studio. Jenna was upfront in letting us know that she was not a slime expert, but with the help of some very eager patients, she was able to produce a high-quality end result. The joy Jenna brought to Seacrest Studios at CHOC has left an indelible impact and we look forward to our next visit with this rising star.