Jesse McCartney Visits Seacrest Studios And Talks About Music, Acting & His Celebrity Crush!

Recap by Kevin Gordon

Actor and music star Jesse McCartney stopped by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to visit with patients and to talk about his new music. Jesse, who is currently touring with DJ Pauly D and the Backstreet Boys, just recently released a new single called “Back Together.” Known for his mega hits “Beautiful Soul” and “Leavin,’” Jesse is excited to be performing some new material, which he believes is "fresh..and something the fans haven’t heard before.” After a patient asked Jesse to sing "Beautiful Soul," Jesse was nice enough to give us an impromptu performance as well as a reenactment of his favorite dance moves!

As well as being a music superstar, Jesse has also acted on TV and in movies. “I love all mediums: acting, singing, writing; it’s my favorite.” He let us know that one of his most favorite moments of his career (so far) was voicing the character of Theodore in the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” movies. “I grew up watching the Chipmunks, my parents grew up watching the Chipmunks, and it’s really become a mutigenerational classic. I remember as a kid sitting on the couch with my huge bowl of cereal watching the Chipmunks, so it’s really become a sort of benchmark moment for me.” He even graced us with a sample Chipmunk voice and explained the process of voice recording. Jesse also had a starring role in the hit television show “Summerland” which definitely left a lasting impact on one patient who shared his endearing story of being named after Jesse's character!

Patients then asked Jesse about some of his "favorite things." Jesse talked about his favorite music and movies, his love for baseball, his snacking habits and even his celebrity crush (Mila Kunis)! His loving fans were quick to squash that subject though when they proposed marriage to their favorite heartthrob. Jesse also let us know that he has been (and hopes to continue) writing with rock band Hot Chelle Rae on some new material. We definitely look forward to that! We thank Jesse for taking the time to talk with us about his awesome career and we look forward to all of his future work! We hope he visits again soon!