Jessie J Delivers a One-of-a-Kind Virtual Visit for Seacrest Studios Patients

You can’t put a “price tag” on Jessie J and her ability to spread smiles! The singer joined CHOC Children's for a virtual visit mid-October, along with multiple other Seacrest Studios across the nation.

Duke started off the patient questions by asking Jessie what she is going to be for Halloween! Jessie had her answer ready to go, telling everyone she loves making up her own characters. This year, her costume involves a catsuit and cape, with hair like Sonic the Hedgehog and Dragon Ball Z! Hearing Jessie’s response was the perfect time for Miranda to chime in, saying she plans on being a witch.

Hannah, who joined our virtual visit from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, talked about her family’s plans to go to London in the near future and asked Jessie if she has any recommendations on where they should go. Jessie audibly gasped with excitement at the question and told Hannah she has to go to Camden because it has great spots to shop and walk around.

The Seacrest Studios all-stars had some awesome questions for Jessie, especially when it comes to her career as a singer and songwriter. A patient in Atlanta asked: Can you sing with your mouth closed? Jessie said yes, offering us a close-lipped rendition of her hit song “Domino” to prove it. Patients, parents and staff alike were all blown away by her secret talent!

Not just any person can break out in song like that. So we had to know, how does Jessie overcome those pre-show jitters?

“Don’t ever push the nerves away,” Jessie said. “The reason you’re ever nervous in life is because you care and it means you’re brave enough to do it.”

Jessie continued the virtual visit with a private concert for patients, breaking out props from her home to use as a microphone. She asked everyone to sing along with her as she belted out some of our favorite songs into her kitchen whisk!

In one of our final moments, Jessie gave us parting motivational words, saying, “you can do anything you want if you just believe in yourself.” Jessie’s energy and spirit were incredible, inspiring us all to know that we are a “masterpiece.”