Joe Jonas Takes Break from 'Fast Life' to Visit The Voice!

The patients at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) were buzzing with excitement last week when pop darling Joe Jonas made an appearance at The Voice, the in-hospital multimedia studio for sick and injured children. The gracious singer sat down for an interview in front of an audience of many fascinated kids and dished some interesting tidbits about his life! While this JoBro has made quite a name for himself as a singer, songwriter and musician, he admitted to having aspirations of becoming a comedian as a child.

We love him as the front man of The Jonas Brothers, but can totally picture him as a hilarious funnyman, too! Sharing some insights into his eating habits, Joe expressed that he has no qualms about trying unusual foods, but we never thought he’d take it this far! He told the children how he ate cow brain stew made by locals while doing philanthropic work overseas. We’re pretty sure that even the pangs of hunger in our stomachs couldn’t convince us to eat anything with brain in it! Joe’s new solo album, “Fast Life,” is being released on October 11th and has everyone talking. He spoke about what it was like to play without his brothers.

Although he misses having them in the studio with him, he says he’s very excited about the record. We’re excited, too! When asked about what the new disc is like, he said to be prepared to hear ultra personal songs about some of his past relationships.

He gave the children at CHOP a sample of what they’ll hear on the CD by singing a bit of his single, “See No More.” Everyone loved it!

 One of the patients at CHOP, a 13-year-old girl named Julia, gushed to Joe about how much she and her sister, Francesca, love his music. Intrigued, Joe followed her up to her room at the hospital and found hundreds of pictures of the boy band all over her walls. J

ulia is also a huge Selena Gomez fan-she accompanied Selena in an impromptu performance of her hit song “Who Says” when Selena was a guest at The Voice at CHOP.

At the end of his visit, Joe signed autographs and took pictures with all the patients there. The whole hospital was beaming as Joe made his way to personally meet each child. His sparkling grin and hilarious stories proved that this Disney dude is truly talented and down-to-earth.a