Jon Bellion Performs at Seacrest Studios in Atlanta!

Showing up at Seacrest Studios at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta sporting an impressive resume, singer-songwriter, record producer and rapper JON BELLION and his best friends/bandmates wowed patients with an incredible live performance of his hit song, “All Time Low.” During the interview, we learned one of his pre-show rituals is a final check with each member of his band (which includes a creative, custom handshake unique to each guy), which then included an actual demonstration! 

Following that, Jon delighted patients by creating a special hand shake with each of his new friends (and even remembered each one when put to the test!) But the big hearted New Yorker didn’t stop there…he gave one lucky patient an impromptu “golden ticket invitation” to their sound check and pre-doors experience including a stretch limo to the venue, her own dressing room with her name on the door, time on stage to test out each instrument, a session with the lighting guy to set the stage, her pick of tour merchandise and even some time with a masseuse for her mom! Jon, you are a supremely talented and generous guy and to quote one grateful father, “You have no idea what these visits do for us!" Thank you so much.