Jonah Marias Premieres New Song at Seacrest Studios

When you are admitted to Children’s Hospital of Orange County as a patient, seeing a private performance from a talented up and coming artists is not typically on the docket; however this all changed when Jonah Marias showed up to Seacrest Studios at CHOC eager to share his latest music and experiences that have helped shaped him as an artist.

 As a former member of the popular boy band, “Why Don’t We” Jonah has since spent his time collaborating with some well-known producers and finding his own creative voice. Jonah recently dropped his single titled, “Twisted Lullaby” and the patients and families at CHOC we lucky enough to hear an acoustic rendition of the catchy and tuneful track.

In between songs, Jonah took time to openly discuss the challenges of navigating the music scene as a solo artist and the importance of utilizing personal experiences as an avenue to creating your own art. “I encourage anyone who is struggling to just put it into art, I feel like that’s a great way to go through things in life.” There were a few aspiring artists in the studio during Jonah’s set and he was kind enough to give some advice, “You have to make mistakes to do anything good.”

Seacrest Studios at CHOC is eagerly awaiting the next visit with Jonah Marias and tuning in to hear the new music he plans to put out this year, capture the hearts of his fans, much like he did for all of us at CHOC.