Jordan Davis Visits 10th Seacrest Studio as RSF Ambassador

Jordan Davis joined Boston Children’s Hospital to round out his tenth, and almost final, Seacrest Studio visit! 

Jordan grew up in Louisiana, where he learned to play guitar and piano alongside his father, uncle, and brother, all of whom are also successful music artists! Having taken a break from guitar for ten years, Jordan shared his advice with patients for relearning an instrument and learning any new instrument, encouraging them to keep trying and to resist comparing to other people. This country sing-songwriter performed three of his singles, including “Almost Maybes,” “Slow Dancing in a Parking Lot” and “Singles You Up” and reflected on his last time performing in Boston near Fenway Park! 

Jordan was put to the test when studio staff challenged him to a “Fast Facts” game, that he passed with flying colors! During the game, we learned that Jordan’s favorite app is TikTok and that he thinks the character Dory is most like him! Boston had a blast with Jordan and can’t wait to host him in person someday soon!