Jordan Fisher Visits Seacrest Studios New York

Written by Seacrest Studios Program Manager, Gabbi Markle 

In March, the very talented actor/singer Jordan Fisher took time out of his packed schedule to visit patients and families in Seacrest Studios New York at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Well underway with his role as Orpheus in the Broadway hit “Hadestown”, Jordan shared his favorite parts about the theater, New York, and his favorite Disney movie.

“It is my favorite show that I’ve ever gotten to do on Broadway—without question,” said Jordan when asked how his run with “Hadestown” is going. “It brought my family to New York.”

Jordan also shared that out of all the projects he’s done—which is A LOT —his Broadway stints are always his favorite. He feels the most “at home” when he’s on stage.

In speaking of places he feels at home, Jordan told patients about his deep love for all things Disney, especially Walt Disney World where he married his longtime love, Ellie. Of course, this also brought up the question of what his favorite Disney movie is, which is The Incredibles! Jordan then divulged a hidden talent of his—a spot-on Edna Mode impression!

Some incredible patient DJs had the chance to ask Jordan some questions about what it was like filming the iconic To All the Boys I Loved Before sequel and then working recently with the star of another iconic series The Summer I Turned Pretty, Lola Tung, during her stint in “Hadestown”! He even bonded with a couple of patients in the studio that are gymnasts after revealing that he started out as a gymnast, too! He had dreams of heading to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 before deciding to pursue acting full-time. Everyone agreed that it would’ve been amazing to see him on Team USA, but we’re all glad he chose to pursue this career path instead.

Jordan closed out his visit by taking photos with patients and signing autographs, promising he’d visit again soon—maybe even to challenge patients to a video game or two.