Jordana Brewster Talks About The Fast And The Furious At Seacrest Studios

Patients at Children's Medical Center in Dallas had a lot of questions for actress Jordana Brewster when she visited the Seacrest Studios. Jordana shared about doing some of her own movie stunts, working on the show "Dallas" and about her two dogs.

Britney came prepared with a list of great questions to ask Jordana. She asked about her role models, favorite movies and even what she does in her spare time.

Britney asked, "Do you like arts and crafts?"

"I do," Jordana answered. "I love drawing and I love coloring. And I love coloring with coloring books. And sometimes people make fun of me but I don't care because I find it very relaxing."

Joel asked Jordana about the cool cars in Fast and Furious and which of the movies is her favorite. "Five," Jordana said, "because on Fast 5 I got to work in Brazil, which is where I'm from. And I got to do the biggest stunt."

She even admitted to sitting in the back of movie theaters to watch how people react to her movies when they are first released.

Jordana talked about traveling the world and living in different countries growing up. She even shared a message in Portuguese, a language she learned while living in Brazil. Thank you Jordana for hanging out in the Seacrest Studios at Children's Medical Center in Dallas! We enjoyed getting to know you!