JP Saxe is First "Official" Visitor to Seacrest Studios, NY!

Written by Seacrest Studios Multimedia Manager, Gabbi Markle 

Just two weeks post-grand opening, Seacrest Studios New York welcomed Grammy-nominated musician/singer JP Saxe to Cohen Children’s Medical Center for a performance and meet-and-greet with patients. JP is currently on tour with John Mayer and made a special detour to hang out with patients before performing at Madison Square Garden the following night.

The “If the World Was Ending” singer was thrilled to be the first “official” guest to visit the New York studio. Having just released his sophomore album, A Gray Area, just a week prior, he was eager to play his new music for patients in-studio and watching from their rooms. JP even showed off his songwriting skills by penning a brand-new birthday song for a patient celebrating his 11th birthday! Rehan and the singer wrote about the fun things he would do on his special day, like playing Roblox and making Tik-Toks.

“I like making music with my friends. Like the song Rehan and I wrote,” said JP. “It’s more fun. That song wouldn’t be as good if I wrote it by myself.”

When speaking about writing his new album, JP mentioned going to Colombia to pen new songs because it was a special place in which he felt connected to his mom. After his mother passed away in 2020, he took up learning Spanish because she was fluent. He says writing the album and taking Spanish lessons every morning made him feel closer to her.

“I feel really close to my mom when I do things I would’ve wanted to tell her about,” he said.

JP even taught Rehan what “Happy Birthday” was in Spanish, and Rehan taught JP how to say it in his language, Urdu.

Before ending the visit with pictures and autographs, JP and Rehan helped write a silly, Halloween-themed Mad Libs story and discussed what JP and his band should be for Halloween. Rehan suggested different colored cats, so we’ll stay tuned to see what they wear later this month!

Patients at Seacrest Studios New York thoroughly enjoyed meeting JP Saxe and hearing him perform his favorite songs. We hope he will return in the spring when he headlines his own tour!