Julianne and Derek Hough Dance Their Way To Seacrest Studios

Recap By: Morgan Hall, Seacrest Studios Intern

Cincinnati Children’s was so excited recently to welcome the dazzling brother-sister dancing duo, Julianne and Derek Hough, to Seacrest Studios! “Dancing with the Stars” fans and eager patients waited inside the studio to greet the stars before their performance at a music center in Cincinnati. The siblings can break it down on the dance floor, for sure, but they mentioned that they want to change the definition of success. In their words, it is not about the money, but instead it’s about making people smile and telling them you love them every day.

They also gave us the inside scoop on their current production, “Move Live on Tour”, adding that it is like a live rock concert for dance. Derek said that “We want everyone to think about their own passions and what moves them.” The two concluded their visit with autographs, pictures and hugs with each loyal fan.

Thank you Derek and Julianne for bringing joy to all of our patients and families!