Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel Hang Out At Seacrest Studios!

Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel stopped by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Wednesday for a fun chat in studio. Here are some of the great questions and answers from their interview:

Q: When did you become involved with this movie [Safe Haven]? -Josh: Early last summer or spring they casted. I was the first one and then Julianne came in and knocked their socks [off]. She really did. -Julianne: And we were filming in South Florida. The water is warm and sand is gorgeous. It was like being at summer camp.

Q: So this movie is based on a book. -Julianne: Yes Nicholas Sparks. There have been a lot of adaptations of his books to movies. So this has the thread of familiarity but it’s also a thriller and suspense. -Josh: It’s a little scary but not too scary

Q: What are your super bowl plans? -Julianne: I’ll be back in Los Angeles. I’m going to hang out with Ryan and watch the game and have a small super bowl party with wings and all of the really yummy bad food

Q: What are you favorite bad foods? -Julianne: I’m a guilty pleasure foodie. Wings, pizza, sour patch kids!

Q: What about pancakes? What are your favorite types of pancakes? -Julianne: Banana. I like to make them -Josh: Blueberry but if I don’t have blueberry I like to put peanut butter on them.

Q: Josh, can you marry my sister? -Josh: I’m already married!
Q: What is your favorite candy? -Julianne: Sour patch kids. I like the sour candies so that and skittles- anything sour. -Josh: I like milk duds with caramel popcorn. That’s what I get at movies. -Julianne: Add hot tamales to that combination.

Q: What motivated you to come and talk to us? -Josh: I love hanging out with kids. Im a big goofy kid myself. We were in Dallas visiting the hospital there and when we found out there was one [a studio] at CHOP, I wanted to come. I relate to kids more than adults. -Julianne: I’ve been here before and the last time I was here I had such a good time. I hope we lift everyone’s spirits but really you lift ours and we leave feeling better so thank you.

Q: What is it like to see movies that your friends are in? -Julianne: it’s exciting! It’s always hard to see yourself on screen so it’s always fun to see someone else you no know screen and to cheer for them. -Josh: It’s cool to see someone you know. I’m always happy to see my friends because there’s enough for everybody.

Q: what’s your favorite thing to wear? -Julianne: I like jeans, a simple shirt, a leather jacket, and heels because I’m short and I dance with heels. -Josh: If I try anything outside of a t shirt and jeans, I’m trying to hard. It was a really fun day in studio, and we are so thankful that Julianne and Josh stopped by to spend time with us.

We hope they come back and hang out again soon!