Justin Bieber Makes It A Very Special Day At Seacrest Studios!

While the flu has not hit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta yet, there was a widespread outbreak of BIEBER FEVER last week at Seacrest Studios! This uncontrollable condition afflicted patients, nurses, doctors, staff, friends, and family and it all started when mega-watt pop star, Justin Bieber, stopped by during his Believe album tour. The teen music sensation, who calls Atlanta his "second home" and who is in high demand, carved time out of his busy tour schedule to stop by CHOA to take pictures with patients, sign autographs, and share a word of encouragement with adoring fans.

Notified just minutes before Justin arrived at CHOA, patients filled Seacrest Studios and spilled out into the adjacent lobby in hopes of catching a glimpse of the award-winning singer. Screams, cheers, and tears greeted Bieber as he made his way through the crowd of people, stopping to speak to each patient who lined up for a word with him.

It was hard to imagine the delight this one performer brought to the patients at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta but, no doubt, it was a day, and moment, that none will forget! Many thanks to Justin for stopping by!