Justin Moore Makes Patients Smile At Seacrest Studios Cincinnati

Recap written by Seacrest Studios intern, Jessi Zachman Video by by Seacrest Studios intern, Meghan Tillery 

Country music singer/songwriter Justin Moore kicked back his cowboy boots with patients and families at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

In the midst of his American Made Tour, Moore answered questions about how he made it from a small town in Arkansas to the country music scene. With encouragement from his family, Justin moved to Nashville when he was 18. After a lot of hard work and bit of luck, Justin signed a record deal. Looking back, one of his favorite moments in his career was the first time he played the Grand Ole Opry. “It was a really cool moment to be able to stand on the same stage that all of my heroes in music had stood,” Justin shared. 

We also learned about the inspiration behind his songs and his advice to anyone trying to follow their dreams. He believes that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and “if you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big”. During the Q&A session, we learned about some of Justin’s favorite things to do! He enjoys watching Disney movies with his three daughters (Beauty and the Beast is his favorite) and eating at Waffle House after his concerts. His favorite sports teams to follow are the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

On the topic of movies, patient Eli shyly whispered his favorite movie into Justin’s ear— Cars with Lightning McQueen. Justin agreed that it was a great movie and told Eli that while McQueen was pretty cool, Tow-Mater was his favorite character. Towards the end of his visit, Justin played a fun game of “Would You Rather”, where we learned that he would love to be able to fly. Next up was the “Moore or Less” game where he shared with us what he would like more or less of in his life. Dishes? Less! Songwriting? More! 

We are so grateful Justin stopped by and hung out with us and we hope we get to spend “moore” time with him some time soon.