Kacey Musgraves Talks About Touring With Katy Perry During Visit To Seacrest Studios

Recap and Video by Seacrest Studios Interns, Casey Elliot and Jamie Gallagher

Last week, Kacey Musgraves and her band walked through the doors of Seacrest Studios at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta ready to play! With instruments in hand and donning light up jackets, Kacey and the guys sat down and filled the studio with music and laughter. Fresh off an ACM Album of the Year win, Kacey talked about finding inspiration for songwriting in conversations, in life experiences, and from fellow songwriters. Writing a song is “like building a sandcastle,” where it “starts with an idea and it builds and builds until it becomes something you like.”

One of the many artists that has noticed Kacey’s talents is Katy Perry, who heard and fell in love with Kacey’s music. “She brought me out to write with her, we stayed in touch a little bit, and she picked me to be on tour with her!” Kacey talked about how excited she is for the fun and colorful Katy Perry tour and getting to play in front of new audiences. Something else Kacey is looking forward to this summer, is when she and Katy team up for a CMT Crossroads. They will be performing each other’s songs together and a few from their favorite artists, like Dolly Parton. Be on the lookout for Katy Perry singing “Merry Go Round” and one of her favorites from the album, “Back On The Map.” Kacey gave us a sneak peak of what we might hear on Crossroads when she and her band performed “Silver Lining” and “My House.”

Kacey let us know that touring is a big part of her life, and one of her favorite companions on the road is her three legged dog, Pearl. When there are tough days, Kacey said that being surrounded by family, friends, and, of course, Pearl is the best way to turn them around. The patients got a chance to ask Kacey some questions, including “What do you miss about being a kid?” to which she responded “Summers off! And playing dress up, which I still kind of get to do.”

After a round of rapid fire questions where we found out her favorite apps are Draw Something and Face Swap, Kacey and her band met with patients. They all took pictures, signed autographs, and even let the patients play their instruments! They closed their visit by making a patient’s day by singing him Happy Birthday. Thank you Kacey Musgraves and band for visiting Seacrest Studios Atlanta and making our patients’ day so special!!