Karmin and Toys"R"Us Make It A Special Day At CHOP!

Written by Courtney Risch

Karmin (the dynamic duo of Amy and Nick) came to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia dressed in red, ready for their night at Jingle Ball. They first hung out with Geoffrey the Giraffe, who delivered donated toys from Toys”R”Us for the patients (who were so excited for early holiday gifts!).

After Geoffrey the Giraffe and Karmin hung out with the patients, Amy and Nick sat down for an interview in Seacrest Studios.

Amy and Nick first met at Berklee College of Music in Boston and rose to stardom after creating a YouTube channel and covering some of their favorite songs. Neither of them knew exactly what they wanted to do and Amy worked for seven years as a wedding singer – which she explained helps her memorize songs easily and sing very fast. At first, the YouTube channel was just for fun, but as their fan base grew, it really helped them get recognition. They created the name Karmin based on the word karma and the Latin word “carmen” which means “song.” Amy and Nick have been engaged for two years and it is a New Year’s Resolution of theirs to get married in 2013.

When asked what their favorite songs they sing were, they said their two favorite original songs are 'Hello' and ‘Brokenhearted’ and their favorite cover songs to sing are ‘Look at Me Now’ and ‘Told You So.' They talked about what inspires them to write music. Even though they have been together for seven years, they still use their past relationships as song material. Since the two are basically with each other 24/7 they realized they have to always communicate with each other and be honest (and admit when one of them is wrong!) in order to continue successfully (in music and a relationship). Their favorite place they have traveled to so far is Australia (where they went to the zoo and hung out with kangaroos).

So far, the biggest audience they have played in front of was in San Francisco to about 70,000 people. For the holidays, they both split up to see their families. Amy goes to Nebraska and Nick goes to Maine. But they will be back together for New Year’s because they will be performing in New York this year for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve! In their free time, Nick likes to follow up on sports and watch movies. Amy likes to experiment with make-up, play on Pinterest and keep up with with followers on Twitter and YouTube.

They will soon be launching the website karminology.com where Amy will make posts about fashion, hair and makeup (to go along with her YouTube hairstyle tutorials) and Nick will focus on sports updates and movies. Before they wrapped up their visit, they sang a portion of their song 'I Told You So' and took pictures with patients. Many thanks to Toys“R”Us, Geoffrey the Giraffe and Karmin for stopping by and making it a special afternoon at CHOP!