Katie Cleary Shares Her Love For CHOC and The Animal Kingdom

Written By Seacrest Studios Intern Kelley Moody

CHOC Hospital in Orange, California was thrilled to have Katie Cleary in studio last week! Katie was a contestant on the first cycle of the hit show America’s Next Top Model and a model on Deal or No Deal. Katie shared with us her thoughts and experiences with both shows and how she has watched them evolve. As she answered questions from patients, we learned that her new focus is now on philanthropy and especially animal rights.

Discussing her rise to success and her interests growing up, our patients were interested in her inspirations in life and where her passion for animals sprouted from. To all of our delight, it turns out that Katie and her husband share a home with 10 rescue pets! Katie’s most recent projects include the release of her movie Give Me Shelter, an informative piece on activism for animals in America. She is also very proud to be the founder of her organization Peace4Animals, which supports endangered species globally. It primarily focuses on the prevention of animal abuse, poaching and hunting. This last August she also launched her radio show, “World Animal News,” where she brings in celebrity guest advocates and discusses pressing issues around the world.

Katie told us about the importance of using her celebrity voice for good. She knows that she has the ability to make herself heard and feels the best message she can send is one that benefits those who cannot speak for themselves.

Katie sported a beautiful tiger pendant and brought shirts for patients, all of which are products that can be purchased on the Peace4Animals website and benefit the cause. She also shared with everyone copies of her animal documentary.

Ending Katie’s interview with a few more light hearted questions about her favorite movies and living at home with her pets, she stuck around to talk with patients for quite some time. She smiled for pictures, gave out gifts from her organization, and brightened everyone’s day with her excitement and passion for the animal kingdom.

Thank you, Katie Cleary, for your continued support of CHOC and wildlife around the world! We appreciate your compassion and drive to make a change!