Katy Nichole Inspires Patients in Dallas

Katy Nichole visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Health in Dallas on Tuesday, March 7th. Katy was a BIG hit amongst patients, families and staff. She shared her personal story as a previous pediatric patient and the ways in which music helped lift her spirits, brought her hope and encouraged her throughout her hospitalization.

Katy provided uplifting original songs and a cover from her favorite group, We The Kingdom. Katy’s voice drifting through the hospital atrium drew in patients and caregivers- all of whom were given hugs and encouragement from Katy as well as shared many thanks for the joy she spread today and every day. 

We learned what life on a tour bus is like (tight quarters!), Katy’s love of Lay’s chips for a pre-show ritual and the way a piano on her hospital unit as a child motivated her to walk more laps for recovery. We are SO thankful for Katy’s time and outstanding voice- a memorable day in the Seacrest Studios all thanks to Katy Nichole!