Katy Tiz Sings 'The Big Bang' In Seacrest Studios

Katy Tiz brought energy and happiness to Seacrest Studios in Levine Children's Hospital, and the patients were thrilled to meet the her!

“I like to have fun every day,” and fun is exactly what everyone experienced when Katy stepped to the microphone at the studio in Levine Children’s Hospital. Katy told patients about being delayed at the airport and how she carries a tennis ball with her at all times so, when there is a moment of downtime, she can play catch with her guitar player.

Katy answered many patient questions and even talked hairstyles, how she does not wear matching earrings ever, and about her cat, “Schmitten the Kitten.”

When Katy walked through the doors of the hospital, and heard her song, “The Big Bang,” playing at Seacrest Studios, she jumped up and down with delight! “I’m a normal girl with a big dream, and I’m lucky enough to live that dream at the moment and it’s incredible. I do get overexcited and I am a geek, and I am a bit goofy, and I’m really proud of it,” she said.

Katy even took time during her visit to go to the rooms of a few special fans who could not make it down to the studio. Patients are still talking about how much they love Katy Tiz!