Kickline Tips and Holiday Traditions with the Radio City Rockettes!

Written and Hosted by Seacrest Studios intern, Sydney Sobkowiak

Hours between their performance on NBC’s Christmas Tree Lighting and a busy 3-show day in the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, Radio City Rockettes Katie Forss and Jessie Crouch took a break to virtually hang out with the patients and families at Seacrest Studios at Children’s National in Washington, D.C.

Patients from Children’s National Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, Boston Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado all joined in on the fun. 

Jessie and Katie started off their visit sharing their amazing new DJ names: DJ J-bird and DJ High Kick! 

DJ Stevie from Children’s National kicked off (no pun intended) the questions by asking about how the dancers practice and how they get their legs so long!  Practice makes perfect for DJ J-bird, who shared that the Rockettes rehearse for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for a month and a half before the show begins. DJ High Kicks added that her training in ballet has helped her with her long-legged kicks in the show. They even gave an inside scoop to patients on the trick to their famous kick lines— although it may look like their arms are locked, the dancers never touch!

One of the famous dance numbers the Rockettes perform in their Christmas Spectacular show is “Christmas in New York.” DJ High Kick chimed in to share her favorite activity in New York is walking around Bryant Park with her roommates. Who wouldn’t want to join these girls for some holiday fun? 

In a game of “This or That,” dancers had to make a hard choice: “Frosty the Snowman” or “Rudolph.” DJ J-Bird shares that she has always admired Rudolph for how his difference helps the group and reminded patients to embrace what makes them unique. DJ High Kick added that her love of Rudolph is due to their sparkly reindeer costumes in the Christmas Spectacular! 

When tackling hard days, DJ J-Bird and DJ High Kick rely on family and friends to motivate them. Their advice was inspiring to all our patients and families, and their visit will be one we will talk about all holiday season. Thank you, Jessie and Katie, for spending your morning with us! We wish the rest of the Radio City Rockettes the best of luck in their future shows.