King Calaway Performs “Let it Flow” for Patients & Families in Salt Lake City

Named as one of the seven ‘new Country acts to watch out for’ by Billboard, King Calaway has been taking the Country music industry by storm ever since their 2019 debut album, Rivers.

With three Seacrest Studios visits under their belt (Nashville, Denver, Orange County) the band made a fourth visit on January 25th, 2024, to RSF’s newest studio build at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT.

They kicked off their visit with a performance of “Let it Flow”, a popular single of their latest album, “Tennessee’s Waiting”, which was released in August of 2023.

No strangers to the variety of questions asked by patients in Seacrest Studios, Caleb, Chris, Simon and Chad shared stories about their collaboration with Zac Brown, their guitar names (“Betsy & Dan”), and Chris’s egg shaker.

Curiously, one patient asked why Chris did not sing alongside his bandmates who play guitar. He replied with a smile sharing, “It’s hard to sing and egg at the same time.” The response prompted a room filled with laughter that we will remember for years to come.