KING VADER Virtually Visits Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Patients at Seacrest Studios Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Boston got a lesson in filmmaking from director and content creator, Dominique Barrett, known as King Vader! He’s best known for his extremely creative YouTube videos and TikToks, and has millions of views and fans across multiple platforms, including Cincinnati patient Riley and Atlanta patient Alfonzo.

After discussing Barrett’s favorite food—pizza—Alfonzo questioned him about his favorite characters from anime and Marvel movies! Staff from Seacrest Studios Boston asked for advice on how their patients can start getting into directing and making videos, and Barrett’s response was to just go for it! He said you can make videos with anything you have available to you—you don’t need fancy equipment!

Back in Cincinnati, Riley asked Barrett where he would go on vacation if he could visit anywhere in the world, and he said visiting Japan is one of his big life goals. Barrett and Riley also played a game of This or That, featuring topics like anime, Star Wars, superheroes, and more! Having King Vader virtually visit Seacrest Studios Cincinnati was a blast! Thank you for spreading joy to patients across the country!