Kira Kosarin Meets Excited Nickelodeon Fans At Seacrest Studios!

Over the holidays, patients and families were excited to meet Kira Kosarin, who plays Phoebe Thunderman on Nickelodeon’s hit television series The Thundermans, when she stopped by for a visit at Children's Hospital of Orange County. The show itself is based around a suburban family with superpowers, specifically 14 year old twins, who are played by Kira and Jack Griffo.

During her interview she explained that she found her inspiration for acting from watching shows on Nickelodeon with her idols Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove. She also told the patients that the entire cast is the "farthest from serious that anyone could be most of the time." She said they are constantly playing jokes on each other and teasing each other, mentioning that her co-stars Diego and Jack are the ones who start the majority of the antics. Kira also did her best impression of her co-star Jack Griffo and pop artist Britney Spears for our patients in studio which got everyone laughing.

After her visit to the studio, Kira visited patient floors to hang out with some of her fans at their bedside. Thank you Kira for an amazing visit and we hope to see you and the rest of the cast of The Thundermans back at Seacrest Studios soon!