Kristian Bush Sings With Patients At Seacrest Studios

Kristian Bush from country duo Sugarland recently visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Kristian (always with his trademark hat) spent over an hour talking, performing, and interacting with the patients.

He talked to the patients about the process of songwriting and how he’s always writing songs – every day, no matter where he is!

Kristian made up songs on-the-spot, based on the requests of the young patients, and even talked in-length (more like “interviewed”) a teen patient who is also an aspiring songwriter. Kristian asked her whether she wrote the lyrics or the music first, her favorite type of songs, her motivations and inspiration, and much more.

Kristian is touring the US as a solo act while his Sugarland partner, Jennifer Nettles, settles into motherhood. “It’s a lot more complicated than she thought,” he laughed. The group has not broken up – they are just working separately for the next year or two.

While in the studio, Kristian played an acoustic version of his new hit, “Trailer Hitch,” and explained the story behind the song and the video to the patients in the studio.

In another musical treat, Kristian also performed an acoustic version of Sugarland’s first hit, “Baby Girl,” which he wrote and was performed by Jennifer Nettles! Kristian and his family live in Atlanta … just blocks away from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta … and he promises to visit more often, and bring some of his singer and songwriter friends with him in the future. Thank you Kristian for a very special visit!