Lainey Wilson brings "Heart Like A Truck" to Seacrest Studios, Colorado

Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado welcomed Lainey Wilson to visit with patients and families on Friday, October 7th. Although it wasn’t as crowded as her later sold-out show at the Grizzly Rose, the studio was full of kids excited to meet Lainey.  Emma started off the questions like a professional reporter getting all the serious scoop on Lainey’s musical influences (Dolly Parton among others), her favorite place to play (The Grand Ole Opry and Denver’s Grizzly Rose of course), and her favorite song to perform (Heart Like a Truck).  

Some other patients focused on the goofy questions and found out that if given the opportunity Lainey would have a pet elephant, was over the moon when she got to take a selfie with Randy Travis, and that her hidden talent is a funny pop she can make with her lips and teeth. Lainey rocked the studio with both “Heart Like a Truck,” back-up vocals by Emma, and “Things a Man Oughta Know.”  

She made everyone laugh, including herself, with a fun round of Backwards Forwards – a must play game in Colorado’s Seacrest Studio.  Before signing autographs and taking pictures, Lainey told a story about riding a horse that was bucking like crazy and her Daddy’s advice: She encouraged everyone to think of that story when in life they feel like they are going to be thrown or can’t do it anymore – just “hold on for dear life.”  We’ll keep holding on and fighting just like Lainey said!