Laura Marano Inspires Patients At Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Laura Marano took advantage of her day off of filming and paid a visit to patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently. 

Her energy and enthusiasm alone lit up Seacrest Studios on an otherwise rainy Tuesday. Laura’s sunny disposition had everyone smiling and singing her praises for being such a wonderful role model to young girls. 

The veteran actress (who has already been in the “biz” with the same agent for 16 years!) was back in Atlanta having just returned from Disney World where she was working with one of her many charitable organizations. With everything she has going on currently (filming back-to-back movie roles, releasing her upcoming single, and working with charities), it’s a wonder how Laura has time to take a break. 

Yet on top of all that, she’s managing college courses as well – studying politics, philosophy and law! Whew! She said staying in touch with her Austin & Ally family and her fans is the easy part—which worked out great for us since she spent a lot of time connecting with patients and doling out hugs. 

Thanks, Laura, for your very special visit. We loved having you at Seacrest Studios Atlanta!