Leo Howard from the Disney Show Kickin' It Hangs Out At Seacrest Studios

Recap Written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Mandi Ortiz

Greeted by a full studio, Leo Howard stopped by CHOC Children’s and told patients about his history with martial arts, acting, and his experience on Disney Channel’s hit TV show, “Kickin’ It.”

Fans were surprised to learn of Leo’s nickname “Hazard,” because of his clumsy nature. Patients got a taste of Leo’s personal interests, sharing that he plays guitar and enjoys most types of music. He also shared his love for veterinary medicine and animals, growing up with parents that are professional dog breeders.

Looking at Seacrest Studios’ “Wall of Fame,” he was excited to learn of all of the previous celebrity visitors, especially his “Kickin It” co-star, Olivia Holt. Leo even got to witness the special bond between hospital roommates, as one patient asked for an autograph for her roommate, Ashley, who was bed-ridden after a spinal surgery.

Patients left the studio with wide grins and autographs in hand, thanks to this Disney Channel star. Thanks for visiting Leo! We loved having you!