Levine Children's Hospital - Summer 2020 Intern Showcase

Markayla McInnis | East Carolina University '24

Markayla McInnis graduated from Concord High School in 2020 from the International Baccalaureate program. She’s going to East Carolina University to major in Broadcast Journalism/Communications and minor in Theatre. She hopes to become a Sports Announcer and TV Personality after college.

“This was such an amazing opportunity and I hope to be back next summer!”

Christina Holmes (DJ CStylez) | University of South Carolina '20

Christina Holmes is a senior at the University of South Carolina. With a love for kids and a passion for fun, being a Seacrest Studios intern was perfect for her! She has nieces and nephews, so she knew what would enthrall the patients. Her dream is to become a fashion journalist, but being a news anchor wouldn't be too shabby either. Watch out! She may be coming to a television near you!

“Being a Seacrest Studios intern gave me lifelong friends, treasured memories and a love that I will never forget.”

Grace DuBose | University of South Carolina '16

 Grace DuBose is a 25 years old cancer survivor and motivational speaker. She graduated from USC with a BA in theatre and minor in Broadcast Communications. She has a passion for the media, working with children and her faith. She interned with Seacrest Studios for two semesters. During her time at Seacrest she was able to do exactly what she loved: broadcast and work with children! Once finishing the internship she plans to continue to enhance her skills in the media and continue to inspire others through her website gracedubose.net. She hopes to find a career in christian broadcasting or working with children!

"I loved working with Seacrest Studios so much that I decided to intern twice! Working with kids and in broadcast was the perfect fit for me, it has my heart!"

Zoe Mehdi (DJ Zappy) | Western Carolina University '23

Zoe Mehdi is a Sophomore at Western Carolina University. Seacrest Studios was the perfect space for Zoe to shine her out-going and positive personality! She dreams of working with kids as a Child Life Specialist. She will be content as long as she is making others smile!

“Seacrest Studios brought me a new experience that was unforgettable in the best way possible. I have made life-long friends and gained new mentors! I will cherish these memories forever.”

Peter Smith | University of South Carolina '21

Peter is a rising senior at the University of South Carolina studying Broadcast Journalism. He is passionate about entertainment and hopes to host his own talk show in the future so he can continue to make others smile.

"Seacrest Studios taught me that there is nothing more motivating than finding your passion and using it to help others." 

Tori Sloan | University of South Carolina '21

Tori Sloan is a rising senior at the University of South Carolina majoring in broadcast journalism. She is from Greenville, SC and hopes to live in Charleston one day. When she’s not in the studio, she enjoys spending time at the lake, trying new restaurants with friends, and cuddling with her dog, Jackson.

“My time at Seacrest Studios has been an unforgettable experience. I will forever be grateful for this internship and all of the memories!

Kendall Smith | University of South Carolina '23

Kendall Smith is a rising sophomore at the University of South Carolina pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a sports concentration. Beginning in broadcast at the age of 16-years-old, Kendall believes that her internship at Seacrest Studios was incredibly unique and not only provided her with a once in a lifetime broadcast experience, but a wonderful, educational and transformative life experience as well.

"Seacrest Studios undoubtably changed my life through the amazing opportunities, support and life-long friendships that it provided me."

Dylan LeatherwoodUniversity of South Carolina '21

Dylan Leatherwood is currently a rising senior at the University of South Carolina. Upon graduation, Dylan plans to use the skills he's learned to make a positive impact on his community through media of any form. While in college, Dylan spent a lot of time with student media via USC's student-run television and radio stations. Currently, he works at Seacrest Studios, which is run by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, as a TV/Radio production intern in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find things more important than what you want." -Ging Freecss Hunter X Hunter

Becca Fair | University of South Carolina '21

Becca Fair is a rising senior at the University of South Carolina, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She spent the summer using her broadcast skills to entertain the pediatric patients at Levine Children’s hospital as an intern with Seacrest Studios. Becca, aka DJ BFair, loves being able to talk about her favorite movies during her show “Fun Movie Friday” every week.

“Seacrest Studios has allowed me to advance my broadcast skills, all while giving me an opportunity to make a difference for kids.”

Nathanael Lemmens | University of South Carolina '21

Nathanael is a senior communications major at The University of South Carolina who loves watching sunsets, meeting new people, and listening to music. He believes that we should always spread positivity and empower others and plans to do so wherever he ends up professionally.

“Seacrest Studios taught me that a kind spirit, enthusiasm, and a little willingness to embarrass yourself can radically change a stranger's day for the better.”

Trey Martin | University of South Carolina '21

Trey is a broadcast journalism major at the University of South Carolina. He enjoys sports, video games, and teaching guitar lessons. Trey hopes to one day have a talent role at a major sports broadcasting network.

"Seacrest Studios gave me the opportunity to see how the field of communications impacts it's audience, showing me just how much of a difference a journalist can make.”

Allison Barry | University of South Carolina ‘21

Allison Barry is going to be a senior at the University of South Carolina, where she studies Broadcast Journalism and Spanish. This was her first internship, and she loved learning all the technology, meeting new friends, and putting smiles on people’s faces. She was always willing to be goofy and make people laugh. One day she hopes to be a journalist in NYC, but she is open to wherever life takes her!

“Working as an intern at Seacrest Studios never felt like work, I always looked forward to being in the studio and having a place I can be myself and make kids and families laugh and just have fun.”

Tatianna Davis | Winthrop University '21

Tatianna Davis is an ambitious student and is a native of Sumter, South Carolina. She is a junior at Winthrop University studying Mass Communication and a minor Spanish. Tatianna is very active in her campus community. She is the Editor-In-Chief of her campus’s multicultural newspaper, a Winthrop Student Ambassador, and an annual voting member of the Council of Student Leaders. Tatianna says it is very important to participate on campus because it offers many opportunities to build connections with others and to strengthen her skills. Tatianna is working towards a career in news anchoring.

“I am filled with gratitude knowing that I am a part of a community that makes changes to lives every single day.”

Corey Earwood | Queens University of Charlotte '21

Corey Earwood is a rising senior at Queens University of Charlotte, pursuing a major in music therapy and a minor in psychology. She is the President of the Music Therapy Club and the Vice President of her sorority, Phi Mu Gamma Gamma. After college, she intends to earn a master's degree in music therapy and vocal performance. One day she hopes to work as a Board-Certified Music Therapist in a hospital setting, where she can leave an impact and brighten patients' stay!

"I am honored to have been an intern at Seacrest Studios where magic lives and patients can be themselves and anything they want to be!"