Levine Children's Intern Showcase - Summer 2019

Maya Queenan
University of South Carolina ’20

Maya Queenan is a fourth year Broadcast Journalism student at the University of South Carolina. She found her passion for broadcast journalism when she was a sophomore in high school and has been pursuing journalism ever since. Growing up she also loved working with kids and has volunteered with youth groups around her community. After hearing about Seacrest Studios, she knew this was the place for her!

“My favorite moment was when DJ KK co-hosted my show with me and then became an official VIP!”

Taylor Gerlach
University of Georgia ‘21

Taylor is studying journalism and social work at UGA and preparing to use digital storytelling for social justice. She is excited to be behind the camera sharing stories that educate and influence public opinion.

“I love being able to witness so many moments where hope is created. One of my favorites was watching DJ KK stand up from his wheelchair and take a few steps in our studio. The reaction of his family was so beautiful as they saw physical progress and gained renewed hope for him! Watching him break out of his comfort zone physically and emotionally was so cool to be a part of!”

Paige Watkins
University of Georgia ‘19

Paige Watkins Seacrest Showcase

I was an intern at Seacrest Studios during the Summer of 2019 at Levine Children's in Charlotte, NC. Seacrest Studios is a part
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Paige Watkins, 22, is proud to call Dalton, GA her hometown. She is a fourth-year student at the University of Georgia working to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, a minor in Theatre and a certificate from the New Media Institute.When she discovered there was a place to combine her passion for journalism and love for community service she knew there was no better place to be than Seacrest Studios. 

“One of my favorite memories was when DJ Batman came into the studio with his parents. His parents explained that the mom and her 5 children were in a car accident. DJ Batman got injured the most and he told his mom for the first time in the studio that he remembers holding on to his baby sister’s car seat to protect her. It was inspiring to hear that for the first time, especially for the parents. DJ Batman was a true super hero and I admire him for the sacrifice he made to keep his sister safe, as she has minimal injuries. There are so many others here at Levine Children’s that I admire for their strength.”

Mike Olson
University of South Carolina ‘20

Mike is a senior at the University of South Carolina, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. After graduation, he hopes to become a sports reporter for a news station. Sports has always been a passion of his and he enjoys the behind the scenes aspect of sports reporting where he can attend sporting events and talk to players and coaches. His long-term goal is to become a reporter at ESPN.

“My favorite memory was getting to hang out with a patient's sibling: Noah. He would come down to the studio nearly every time I was working and would stay throughout the duration of my shift. Getting to know him and making the days he spends at the hospital brighter has been an unbelievable opportunity that I will always cherish.”

Clare Hunt
Georgia College & State University ‘19 

Clare Hunt is a recent graduate of Georgia College & State University. She received her degree in Mass Communications.

“I have told this one a lot but definitely when a patient came into Levine for a checkup and he stopped by the studio to look at all the cool posters we have on the walls. He mentioned that he loved Luke Bryan, but he wanted to suggest a song to be played, so we ended up singing "How do you like me now" by Tim McGraw and we did it live and it was so fun!”

Karina Rinalducci
University of Georgia ‘19

Clare is a 4.5-year student seeking a BA in Entertainment and Media Studies and Spanish. As an Entertainment and Media Studies major at the University of Georgia, she has had the opportunity to work in production and preproduction for several student short films and web series; holding roles in writing, casting, assistant directing, and editing.

“My most cherished memory was of one of my favorite kids DJ KK aka Kayden. Kayden is currently going through chemotherapy and was unable to walk when we first met. The creative atmosphere that is the studio intrigued Kayden and he strolled into the studio at my invitation. On a day full of fun and dancing, Kayden wanted to participate badly, and made it his goal to stand up so he could be part of our dance. This was the first time I had seen him stand by himself from his wheelchair - his mother too, since his treatments. The studio is not just a creative playground, but a motivational environment that allows children to push their limits in all facets.”